Civil Procedure Vol. I

by Dean Willard B. Riano

The topics in this material constitute the rearranged versions of those found in the Rules of Court..

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Civil Procedure Vol. I

Civil Procedure Vol. I

by Dean Willard B. Riano

The topics in this material..

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The topics in this material constitute the rearranged versions of those found in the Rules of Court. The rearrangement is intended to bring down the study of procedure to a more simplified yet workable level so the student of law maycome to realize that procedural principles are neither abstract nor circuitous.



CHAPTER I General Principles
I. Remedial Law and the Rules of Court
II. Rule-Making Power of the Supreme Court
III. Nature of the Philippine Courts
IV. The Basic Framework of Ordinary Civil Actions

CHAPTER II Jurisdiction and Venue
I. Jurisdiction
II. venue

CHAPTER III Actions, Causes of Actio, and Parties
I. Actions
II. Cause of Action (Rule 2)
III. Parties (Rule 3)

CHAPTER IV Pleadings and Motions
I. Pleadings
II. Motions in Civil Cases

CHAPTER VI Proceedings After Service of Summons and Dismissal of Actions
    A. Motion for Bill of Particular
    B. Motion to Dismiss
    C. Dismissal by the Plaintiff

CHAPTER VII Pre-Trial and Modes of Discovery
    A. Pre-Trial
    B. Modes of Discovery
I. Depositions (Rules 23-24)
II. Interrogatories to Parties (Rule 25)
III. Admission by Adverse Party (Rule 26)
IV. Production or Inspection of Documents of Things (Rule 27)
V. Physical and Mental Examination of Persons (Rule 28)
VI. Refusal to Comply with the Modes of Discovery (Rule 29)
    C. Alternative Dispute Resolution
    D. Selected Features of the Special Rules of Court on Alternative Despute Resolution (Special ADR rules; A.M. No. 07-11-08-SC, effective October 30. 2009)

CHAPTER VIII Trial, Demurrer to Evidence and Judgment
    A. Trial
    B. Demurrer to Evidence
    C. Judgment
    D. Judgment on the PLeadings (Bar 1999; 1993; 1978)
    E. Summary Judgment (Bar 1989)

CHAPTER IX Post Judgment Remedies
I. Remedies Before a Judgment Becomes Final and Executory
    A. Motion for Reconsideration (Rule 37)
    B. Motion for New Trial (Rule 37)
            A. Appeal from Municipal Trial Court to the Regional Trial Courts (Rule 40)
            B. Appeal from The Regional Trial Courts to the Court of Appeals (Rule 41)
            C. Petition for Review from the Regional Trial Courts to the Court of Appeal (Rule 42)
            D. Appeal by Certiorari to the Supreme Court (Rule 45)
            E. Other Appeals
II. Remedies After a Judgment has Become Final and Executory
    A. Petition for Relief from Judgments. Orders or Other Proceedings (Rule 38)
    B. Annulment of Judgements or Final Orders or Resolutions (Rule 47)
    C. Certiorari (Rule 65)
    D. Collateral Attack of a Judgment

CHAPTER X Execution and Satisfaction of Judgments


Author(s)Dean Willard B. Riano
Page count734
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