Philippine Commercial Law Volume II 2019 Edition (Cloth Bound)

Philippine Commercial Law Volume II 2019 Edition (Cloth Bound)


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The Negotiable Instruments Law is a very stable law. It has never been amended. It was the law that the author’s father studied when he took up law, it was what the author labored for in the law school and it was the same law his son learned in the law school. It will probably be the same law that his grandson will sweat for. While the law did not change, the interpretation of the law by the court changed and so a book on Negotiable Instruments has to be revised every five years to keep up with the changing rulings of the court.
While this is the first time the author wrote a textbook on Negotiable Instruments Law and related subjects, he has written a Quizzer and Reviewer on the subject and revised the same several times. After teaching Negotiable Instruments for several decades, the author finally found the time and inclination to write a textbook about the said subject. The author had to be out of public service and back to the academe to be able to do it.
While researching for this book, the author realized that there are many points of law on the subject that he never bothered to learn, having relied on what he studied years before when he started teaching. Finally, it dawned upon him that like many of the “seasoned-professors,” the author was lulled into complacency that he knew the subject, never thinking that law is a subject that grows as years pass by, and adjusts with the necessities of time. While the Negotiable Instruments Law has not been amended since 1911, new decisions of the courts interpreting the law came about giving the law a new meaning, a new dimension.
The realization that the author knew so little and has to adjust and improve his knowledge of the law that has resisted amendments for almost 90 years, provided the challenge and fascination to complete this textbook. Or, perhaps this is an attempt of the author to take the path different from that taken by the ancient dinosaurs that become doomed and extinct for their failure to adjust with the times and adopt with the changing environment.

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