Practical Research 2 (Second Edition)

Practical Research 2 (Second Edition)

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by Esther L. Baraceros

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Practical Research 2 (Second Edition)

Practical Research 2 (Second Edition)

by Esther L. Baraceros

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Wondering a lot about your world, you are always in a quest of knowledge about people, things, places, events, and others. A handful of things seem incomprehensible to you that you try to exhaust all the ways and means so you can unravel the mystifying existence or condition of the objects of your curiosity.

Thirsting for knowledge, you decide to research on the exact cause of your wonderment. Thus, you inquire, investigate, read, observe, and interview, among others, to gather data or facts and information from where you can deduce what is valid or true about the focus of your bewilderment or confusion.

Collecting and analyzing data accurately, you come to a certain understanding of a phenomenon. But what could be the extent of your understanding about this remarkable event, person, or thing? In your hands are collected and analyzed data to trigger off your opinionated knowledge about such phenomenon.

However, your personal thoughts, feelings, views, and attitudes about these are true only insofar as they are related to your perceptions. They are your subjective understanding of a person or a thing that cannot be quantified, measured, or expressed with precision or accuracy. Resulting from your interpretative thinking, your views about something are just your approximation, assumption, or prediction of what the thing really is.

The truth about a person, a thing, or any case is the sine qua non or bottom line of any research work. The type of research that enables you to express the true, exact, or definite nature of something is Quantitative Research. This is the type of research that makes you obtain an accurate or objective knowledge, rather than an estimated or subjective knowledge about your sensory experience. It fuels your curiosity by letting you think that each research leads you to a x Practical Research 2

discovery of knowledge that is not only valid and acceptable to you but also to people in general.

Using the statistical and scientific methods of arriving at the truthfulness of something, quantitative research is apt to measure things involved in the research and to present the results in numerical forms. Appearing in its exact measurement or value in the form of a number, any data or findings enter into the minds of people as true or valid discoveries because numerical information always carry or express a specific value or measurement.

Giving a specific number to a thing or any variable to represent its exact value indicates certainty rather than doubts in the minds of people about such thing. Further, dealing with something definite enables any person to verify the truthfulness of such variable. Quantitative research, then, is one investigative method of determining what are accurate, precise, or convincing to the world. This is precisely the concept that underlies this book.

Conceptualized on this basis, that is, on the accuracy or validity of any declarative and procedural knowledge you encounter, this book zeroes in on the extensive use of the modern pedagogical methods and techniques. Underpinned by the learning approaches of discovery, constructivism, transformative learning, and other correlative assumptions resulting from any paradigm shift in teaching-learning situations, these contemporary learning methodologies and strategies are empowered to satisfy your quest for the right or exact answers to your problems or questions about your surroundings in your day-to-day living. In short, this book is your way of knowing not only what to learn and practice but also how to know and perform things in life with all accuracy or precision, so that you will avoid producing erroneous decisions; thus, making this world more meaningful and beautiful to live in.

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