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The Best of Marketing Rx


by Dr. Ned Roberto

This 2015, the third edition represents a collection of the most read MRx (Marketing Rx) columns from 2009 to the present.

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    The second edition of The Best of Marketing Rx came out in 2009. This 2015, the third edition represents a collection of the most read MRx (Marketing Rx) columns from 2009 to the present. The columns included in this collection are my responses to the emails and letters I received from readers asking about my position in the latest emerging issues on marketing practices and theory. In most cases, marketing practices lead the pressure for the necessary changes in theory, model, or framework of marketing.

    As in the previous editions, the MRx readers were the ones who raised a particular marketing issue. However, something new and different is taking place: a raised issue is then noted by another reader or a group of readers who would email me for clarification or elaboration, or would challenge my response and its underlying logic. Consequently, I chose the column series relating to the more popular issues to be included in this book. They are about market segmenting for business-growing, innovation and entrepreneurship, marketing mix for both revenue productivity and profitability, social and development enterprise, and social marketing.

    While close to half for the MRx readers were businessmen and practicing marketers, there has been a perceptible and marked increase in the number of professors and students who emailed their questions. The students, both undergraduate and graduate, outnumbered the professors. But these two reader segments are closely related. Several marketing professors who are AME (Association of Marketing Educators) members and officers told me that they used my Friday column as a material for class discussion foe there Monday sessions. I was quick to realize that the column's big, if not, biggest market is the student market.

    Ober the past five years, another new segment of readers showed up. These were from the non-profit sector. Many were micro-entrepreneurs and grassroots social enterprises, but it also included a good number of business foundations asking about their CSR projects and campaigns. Several of them have become my research clients at one of the Bayan Academy's four foundations which I now head, the Bayan Social Marketing Research and Organizational Development Foundation, Inc. For me, it is both an honor and a deeply felt blessing to still be sourced for help and service to this segment of our society and their social research projects with redeeming social value.

    May I close as I do in each of my Friday Marketing Rx column: "Please keep those questions and feedbacks coming in".



    Chapter 1: Marketing Segmenting for Business-growing

    Chapter 2: Brand Positioning as Consumer Behavior

    Chapter 3: Innovations in Product and Process

    Chapter 4: Market Responsive Pricing

    Chapter 5: Marketing's Marketer Side: The Total Marketing Mix

    Chapter 6: Marketing's Marketer Side: The Marketing Mix Levers

    The best of Marketing Rx: Now What?

    ISBN 978-971-23-7747-1
    Author(s) Dr. Ned Roberto
    Copyright 2015
    Cover Paperbound

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